The story of Ace.


Ace Heating & Air (a KYCO Inc company) was incorporated April 2012 by Kyler and Samantha Bruckelmyer. Kyler has 13 years of experience in the field, starting with much enthusiasm at a young age and investing much of his time growing his knowledge of the industry. Born into a family with entrepreneurial spirit, he always had the goal of staring a successful company of his own. Starting in the early sixties, his grandfather was fabricating his own solar panels to help heat the water on the family farm. Kyler’s dad co-founded one of Duluth Minnesota’s largest residential heating companies and Geothermal Supply wholesalers. Kyler worked with others in expanding two existing companies into the heating and cooling trade. The first, in Washington State, one of the fastest growing areas in the country, was a fireplace supplier and installer with a desire to become more diverse. During his time there, Kyler designed, oversaw and supported installation of residential heating systems. Kyler then brought his knowledge to the Flathead Valley and a local plumbing company; expanding it to encompass the whole of mechanical systems. His work with the community, local suppliers and customers cemented his desire to realize his dream here in the Flathead.

Company Principals

  • Customer satisfaction oriented, making each customer a lifetime one
  • Provide quality craftsmanship
  • Honesty and Integrity
  • Establish a strong footing in the community
  • Stay on top of industry advancements and offer the best of them to our customers
  • Personnel that take pride in their work, are informative, professional and courteous
  • Be a desirable employer, with high team member morale and longevity